Vent View Paper Bags 5, 10, 20, 50 lb.


Stock Brands Available or Custom Made with Your Brand Name

Have bags made with your own brand design or choose from these available stock brands :

Clear Water - U.S. No. 1 with front vent view panel. Available in Black background with black,yellow and red inset design and natural mesh, or, Red background with black, yellow and red inset design.

America’s Best - U.S. No 1 with front vent view panel. Background of bag is white, with red and blue flag design and natural mesh vent panel.

Carriage Trade - U.S. No. 2 with front vent view panel. Backgournd on the bag is white with blue and black design. Specify vent mesh color: red or natural.

Harvest Gold - rear vent view panel. Background on bag is white with yellow, black and red design. Specify U.S. No 1 or U.S. No 2.



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