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Quality Stretch Films for Every Job

Efficient stretch wrapping means getting the most load protection and holding power using the least amount of stretch film. The balanced properties of our stretch films give you more load integrity with less film. Maximum performance with minimum film means you get the lowest possible cost per load.

Our films are made on technically advanced 3 layer coextrusion blown film lines, using only the highest quality LLDPE resins. Every grade and gauge of film is formulated for specific applications. By choosing the right film for the job, you’ll wrap more loads from every roll by getting the maximum performance from your equipment.

Which is the best film for my application?

That depends on two things, your wrapping equipment and your load. We have four families of films. For manual handwrapping operations, there’s super-strong Handwrap film. MSB film is a one-sided cling film for use with bundling machines. Our Performance Grade films are specifically designed for machines with stretch levels of 175% or less. For top performance on powered prestretch systems, use our Premium Grade film formulated for stretch levels of up to 300%.

Premium Grade Stretch Film

  • Width - 20 inches
  • Formulated for super high prestretch levels (150-300%) on powered prestretch systems, such Accu-Stretch II
  • One or two-sided cling in all widths
  • Mil gauges: .45, .65, .75, .85 & 1.15
  • Allows for high stretch levels with low wrap force; ideal for light, crushable loads.
  • Superior tensile strength, resists punctures and tears.

Performance Grade Stretch Film

  • Width - 20 inches
  • Formulated for med to high stretch levels (up to 175%)
  • Ideal for low performance stretch, surface brake and core brake wrappers
  • Mil gauges: .60 and .80 mils
  • Available with one-sided cling in all popular widths
  • Less stretchy, tolerates high wrap force better.

Handwrap Stretch Film

  • Best holding power for manual wrapping operation
  • Three sizes for any handwrapping applications: 12", 15", 18"
  • Two gauges: Light for average loads, Standard for more demanding loads
  • Superior blown film strength, puncture and tea

Handwrap Dispenser (shown above) delivers smooth film stretch thanks to its bottom core holder and cast flat zinc base. The top tension control assembly keeps stretch constant.




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