Polypropylene Strapping

Our plastic strapping is manufactured for use with both hand tools and high-production power machines. It has controlled surface properties that minimizes tensioning effort, increases tension transmission around corners, and improves operating efficiency. It is split-resistant to increase reliability in tools and power equipment.

A. Contrax 212 Clear Plastic Strapping

For light duty applications with power strapping machines, 25EL buckles. 30 coils per pallet.

B. Hald Strapping

Embossed strapping for hand strapping applications. One coil per box.

Metal Strapping Seals


OMS - 12, 1/2" , 1000 pieces per box.

Front Action Manual Seale

Model P58 handles are perpendicular to strapping. Usually used in front of operator who pushes handle together to crip seal


Manual Tensioner


Feedwheel type - a serrated feedwheel grips the strapping and rotates to draw up the slack. Fast and easy to position and use. Take-up is unlimited, and strapping may be used directly off the coil. Weighs 3 1/4 lbs.


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