Kwik Lok

Kwik Lok 865

The 865A Model A Automatic Bag Closing Machine closes packages with Striplok bag closers and Striplok bag closure-labels.  The machine is equipped with a variable speed control for closing up to 80 packages per minute.

Kwik Lok 874

The 874A is an air operated cold transfer printer, ideally suited for printing multi-line information on any closure used with the 865 Bag Closing Machine.



Kwik Lok 872 Turbo Ink Printer

The 872 Turbo Ink Printing System is the latest technology in the field of hi-resolution, small character coding.


Kwik Lok 894A

A programmable, industrial inkjet printer designed for use with Kwik Lok's 872 Automatic Bag Closing Machines.




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