Knife Peeling System


Process onion, potatoes, garlic beets, celery, carrots


Energy savings and environmental friendliness are two important factors in the design of the this knife peeling system. The system also has the ability to adapt to varying capacities and final product requirements.  The use of this system ensures a longer shelf life with the use of minimal amounts of preservative or without the use of preservatives altogether.


The system consists of fast turning adjustable peeling discs situated in the wall of the machine, thus ensuring a high peeling capacity. At the same time the bottom disc rotates at a slower rate which avoids a damaged or flat peeled product.


Smooth surface of finished product reduces bacterial influence.


Dry Peeling - The knife peeling machine can be operated with an air pressure system - a method usually employed when peeling onions and garlic.


Water Peeling - Water is used for peeling products with a so called firm skin, such as potatoes, beets, carrots, celery and other tuberous products.

Compare these important features of the Finis Knife Peeler:

  • Longer shelf life of peeled product

  • Various capacities for different products

  • Low waste due to adjustable knives that adapt to product

  • Ability to retain natural shape of product

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance



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