Carton Tape and Tape Applicators


Carton Sealing Tape

Our pressure sensitive carton-sealing tape is a available with either rubber-based or acrylic blend adhesives, with biaxially-oriented polypropylene backings for excellent bi-directional strength. The ability of polypropylene to stretch and recover under impact, while resisting splitting, tearing or breaking provides the best possible seal at the lowest possible cost. Acrylic adhesive combines cold performance, good quick-stick, and resistance to aging, weathering and U/V light. Rubber-based adhesive offers high shear adhesion to kraft fiberboard and excellent quick-stick. All tapes available in tan and clear, 600 series also available in white, red, blue, orange, yellow, black, green and printed.

Industrial Grade Tape Applicators

Fast, reliable and consistent tape application over taping by hand heavy duty model is a pistol grip applicator for applying 2” wide carton sealing tape. It keeps tape up around the applicator roller after cutting, so you’re ready for the next application immediately. It allows for one-hand operation regardless of box size. A tape roll adjustable brake assures smooth, consistent unwinding. A stiff wipe-down plate provides a sure, tight seal every time. A 3" wide version is also available.



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