Burlap Bags


20, 50 & 100 lb. Burlap Bags Custom Made with Your Name Brand 

Strengthen your brand name and customer loyalty with customized burlap bags.

These bags are constructed of high grade, natural-colored jute. Burlap in potato bags is 7 oz./yd with 9x9 threads/sq. in. Burlap in bean bags is 10 oz./yd with 11x12 threads/sq. in and is available in brite quality or common jute.

Potato Bags Dimensions:

50 lb 20 W x 31H
100 lb 24 W x 39H

Bean Bags Dimensions

20 lb 14W x 20H
50 lb 19W x 30H
100 lb 22W x 37H



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