Corrugated Bins


Corrugated Produce Cartons


Create a carton that promotes your brand and protects your produce

We can help you create a new design or work with your existing design in one to four colors, preprint or postprint, waxed or uncoated. Let us know what your preferences are and we’ll set to work to meet them. Carton background color can be kraft, white, mottled white or your own custom color. Standard carton designs include Full-Telescope Half-Slotted, Regular Slotted, Bliss Boxes and Self-Locking Trays. Specialty designs are also possible. For applications where produce is iced or misted, we recommend moisture resistant waxed cartons and trays. Please let us know the box design you want and the dimensions you need to run on your equipment.

To create a professional brand image and ensure that your produce is protected we use only top grade linerboard, corrugating medium, adhesives and inks. These quality materials are constructed into Single Wall (Double Face), C Flute Fiberboard and then die cut, folded and glued to make our cartons. We will however, make cartons to your own specifications.


Corrugated Bulk Bins for Shipping Ease & In-Store Promotion

From simple kraft colored bulk bins used for shipping only to elaborate preprint designs for in-store promotions, we can provide you with the bulk bin that’s right for you. Rectangular or octagonal shapes, Double or Triple Wall Fiberboard, specialty cuts, perforations and reinforcing tapes also available.

Let us know what your needs are and we will design the bin that meets those needs. Available in kraft, white or mottled white backgrounds. One to four colors postprint or preprint.



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