Bagging and Weighing System



Bagging and Weighing System


 Utilizes a dead weight scale so weight changes can be made instantaneously.

  Unit comes with four standard weight measurements: 20, 25, 44 and 50 pounds. Other weights are available by special order

  Product protection is ensured all contact parts are rubber lined to prevent damage such as skinning.

  Heavy-duty construction and reliable components ensure long-lasting service with minimum maintenance.

  Entire system is caster-mounted for portability

High production rates. One 355 system can produce the following bagging and weighing rates


Model 355 Produce Bagging and Weighing Delivery Rates
Bag Wt. Bags Per Hr. Lbs. per Min Tons Per. Hr. Per 8 Hr. Day
25 480/600 200/250 6.0/7.5 3840/4800
51 420/480 357/408 10.7/12.2 3360/3840
75 260/320 329/4005 9.9/12.2 2080/2560
102 250/300 425/510 12.8/15.3 2000/2400
Above figures are dependent on availible product flow into hopper. Bags per hour may vary somewhat due to type of produce and type of bag used. Number of persons may very from one to three, depending on the use of automatic bag closing equipment.


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