Bag Closers


Kwik Lok Bag Closing Equipment


Kwik Lok Model 865 Automatic Bag Closing Machine

Kwik Lok Model 874 Printer

Kwik Lok Model 872 Turbo Ink Printer

Kwik Lok Model 894A Printer: Automatic

Sewing Machines




FuseAire IV Heat Sealer


A simple user friendly system utilizing compressed hot air to weld bags closed.


Heat Seal Bag Closer


Heavy-duty construction for continuous operation.


Portable Bag Closer


Bag Types and Capacities:
Open Mouth Poly, Poly Mesh/Net and draw string: 1pound to 25 pounds


Automatic Ring Bag Closer


Closes up to 45 bags-per-minute depending on bag size. Closes 10 to 75 lb bags.





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